1. What is the World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show?

by natural-hair-show

Dec 07, 2023

We are a movement that promotes self-love & non-conforming freedom of Expression of Our Hair, Our Beauty, and Our Health & Wellness. We are a welcoming space of empowerment & encouragement. WNHS is a movement that continues to positively change society’s views of Black Beauty, Culture, and Lifestyles. We are The First, The Largest, and the Best Event that Celebrates Natural Hair, Beauty, Health & Wellness, and Community.

Over 23 years ago, WNHS started as a day of celebration for natural hair & beauty with less than 25 exhibitors and 150 attendees. Today the event has over 250 exhibitors and over 25,000 attendees over the two-day weekend. It has grown into a weekend celebration of pride and love of black hair, multi-cultural hair, and our culture.

For over two decades, WNHS is the annual watering hole for the natural and cultural hair community and we have remained relevant and top of the mind. We continued to grow our attendees across diverse ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds.