Workshop Listing

NOTE : Stay Tuned! We are adding more workshops!!

Natural Hair Care

Showcase your artistry in hair cutting, mastering diverse styles and techniques that highlight your creativity and skill, setting you apart as a sought-after professional in the natural hair community.

Barbering/Men's Grooming

Elevate your craft with the latest trends and cutting-edge techniques in barbering and men’s grooming, showcasing unparalleled expertise and precision for the modern professional.

Loc Care

Perfect the art and maintenance of locs, gaining expertise in this timeless hairstyle that holds cultural significance, and offering specialized services to a growing clientele.

Protective Styles

Refine your skills in creating intricate protective styles, from braids to twists, celebrating the artistry and health-conscious choices in natural hair care tailored for discerning clients.

Hair Cutting

Unlock your full potential as a stylist! Join our exclusive hair cutting workshops. Elevate your skills, boost your income and gain new clients. Don’t miss the chance to transform your skills!

Hair Coloring

Master vibrant and expressive hair coloring techniques, offering a spectrum of colors that allows your clients to express their unique style with your professional finesse.

Hair Loss, Hair Growth

Address clients’ concerns about hair loss with expert advice and innovative solutions, positioning yourself as a knowledgeable professional in promoting healthy hair growth.

Social Media Marketing, Business & Finance

Navigate the business and financial landscape of the natural hair and beauty industry, empowering yourself as an entrepreneur and professional with strategic insights.

Nail Care and Design

Expand your expertise into nail care, incorporating the latest trends and artistic techniques to enhance your clients’ self-care experience and offer a well-rounded service.

Make Up & Skin Care

Enhance your repertoire with in-depth insights into skincare and beauty, mastering products and practices that elevate your clients’ natural radiance and well-being.