Only the Best need to apply!

Get ready for the ultimate clash of shears and style at the biggest grooming battle in the Southeast! The Largest Barber Competition is here, and it's go big or go home! Witness the boldest barbers from around the world as they step into the arena, blades blazing, and creativity at 100%! This isn't just a competition; it's a battle to be crowned the BEST! Do you think you're ready to take on this challenge with the best? Sign up today!

Ready to prove you're the Baddest Braider, Natural Hair Stylist, or Loctitian in town? Step up to the challenge and showcase your skills in our fierce Braid, Natural Hair, and Loc Competitions! We're on the hunt for the crème de la crème and top-of-the-line Braiders, Natural Hair Stylists, and Loctitians – only the best need apply. Think you've got what it takes to outdo the nation's finest? Don't just wonder, don't talk about it, BE about it! ENTER and prove that you are the best.

Our community is the heart of our gathering. We are a village unified by total beauty-inside and out. At the WNHS, we come together to forge connections, share experiences & collectively celebrate our journeys.

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